Places along the route:

  • Arcadia - Light industrial

  • Hudson Point - Eastern Terminus & Yard

  • Blessing - Live & work near the Quarry

  • Jumpers Perch - Residential

  • Crows Nest - Highway & Scenic overlook

  • Lourdes - Suburban

  • Derry - The Quarry

  • Prospect - Industrial

  • Friendship Heights - Business/Light industry

  • Riverside - Commercial waterfront

  • Hawthorne - The CITY

  • Union Hall - Industrial

  • Structure/Scene (Links to photos) Location

    ALL NEW!   Look for: Hudson Point & Riverside

    Bad Girls (and Boys) Arcadia
    Boys playing Hudson Point
    Car Shops Hudson Point
    Cranes Working Arcadia
    Dave's Volkswagen Arcadia
    Dave's Volkswagen - interior Arcadia
    DebMar Pallet Co. Friendship Heights
    Debbi's Diner - BarMills Arcadia
    Debbi's Diner closer Arcadia
    Debbi's Diner interior Arcadia
    Engine House Hudson Point
    Engine House interior Hudson Point
    Engine Services - Diesel/Steam Hudson Point
    EK Gagg Block Co. Prospect
    EK Gagg Block Co. siding Prospect
    Farmer's Market (in season) Crows Nest
    Fuel tank for diesel Hudson Point
    Goodfellas Prospect
    Harry's Market - Front Friendship Heights
    Harry's Market - Back Friendship Heights
    Jeanne's Bird Cage Co. Jumpers Perch
    JUMPERS on the mountain Jumpers Perch
    Kirby Manufacturing Hudson Point
    Loading Stone on Flat Arcadia
    Lube Shop - small Hudson Point
    Mainline at EK Gagg Block Co. Prospect
    Miller Chevrolet Arcadia
    Overview - Arcadia (West end) Arcadia
    Overview - Friendship Heights (East) Friendship Heights
    Overview - Friendship Heights (West) Friendship Heights
    Overview - Prospect Prospect
    Passenger Station at Hudson Pt. Hudson Point
    Privacy Friendship Heights
    REA - Railroad Express Agency Hudson Point
    Residential First Street Jumpers Perch
    Residential Second Street Jumpers Perch
    Residential Third Street Jumpers Perch
    Residential House Trailers Jumpers Perch
    Restrooms at Scenic Overlook Crows Nest
    Riverside Marina Riverside
    Roof repairs Hudson Point
    Stop! Thief! Jumpers Perch
    Swimming and watching trains Hudson Point
    Taking a break on the tower Hudson Point/Riverside
    Taryn's Fashion Arcadia
    Taryn's Fashion interior Arcadia
    Team Track at Friendship Heights Friendship Heights
    Transfer bridges - side view Hudson Point/Riverside
    Transfer bridges - long view Hudson Point/Riverside
    Tunnel - Autos at Crows Nest Crows Nest
    Tunnel - Double Main at Crows Nest Crows Nest
    United Architectural Stone Co. Arcadia
    Watercraft at catwalks  Hudson Point/Riverside
    Watercraft at end of transfer bridge Hudson Point/Riverside
    Wall Damage - Arcadia/Prospect Arcadia
    Working to tip the old truck Jumpers Perch
    Zane Car Shops - Main Building Arcadia
    Zane Highway overpass Hudson Point
    Zane Car Shops - Yard Arcadia
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