Friendship Heights
View is East looking toward
Prospect and Arcadia

Two large brick structures at left span the double mainline. These are the bakeries for Karen's Cookie Factory. Vistors to the HP&H usually get to sample the world famous chocolate chip cookies made by Karen. Paul Dolkos made a great closeup shot of two Pennsy diesels passing between the bakeries. That photo appeared in the June 2006 Model Railroader Trackside Photos.

This is Friendship Heights looking East. The double main line of the HP&H is at the left edge passing between the old and new sections of Karen's Cookie Factory.  The buildings are joined over the tracks by a crossover room.  The track in Friendship Heights includes a WYE.  This allows engines and cars to be turned. A Wye is a place on the railroad for a three point turn.   One leg goes from the lower left corner around the curve along side Karen's Cookie Factory.  Then it crosses the scene to a point behind the green building in the right corner. It then goes back down to the lower left corner to complete the three points.   There are several close of views of this section that can been seen from the Friendship Heights West page. 

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Friendship Heights West
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