Friendship Heights
View is West looking toward
Crow's Nest

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RESTROOMS at Scenic Overlook Auto Tunnel through mountain Farmers Market (in season) Freight trains through mountain Team Track DebMar Pallet Co. Where does a guy have to go for some privacy? HARRY's Market

This is Friendship Heights looking West from the short point of the WYE. . The double main line of the HP&H enters the scene through the double portal in the upper left. Above and behind the portal is Crows Nest. From this portal the main lines pass between two major structures housing Karen's Cookie Factory.  Below the double portal is a single portal with track leading off another leg of the WYE.  The third leg of the WYE joins the east bound main line to the right of the double bridge.   View this section from another angle on the Friendship Heights East page. 


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