The Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad in two parts:

1. - The "HUDSON POINT" area (below left) is the Eastern most point of the railroad where a large yard meets the waterfront. This section includes the villages of Arcadia, Friendship Heights, Prospect and Jumpers Perch. At Crows Nest, the tracks head west into a tunnel and many miles beyond, the railroad eventually reaches the Western Division.

2. - The "WESTERN DIVISION" (below right) is 158 miles West of Hudson Point.

The common theme for both sections is the Life and Times around the Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad. Each section independently lists places, photographs, operations, specifcations etc.

Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad
Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad

Central Division
As of November 2017 work has stopped on the Western Division.
The Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad is moving to a new house in 2018.
This third section is tentatively identified as the CENTRAL DIVISION.

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