2015 Update:
The Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad
is shown in two parts:

1. - The "HUDSON POINT" area (below left) is the Eastern most point of the railroad where a large yard meets the waterfront. This section includes the villages of Arcadia, Friendship Heights, Prospect and Jumpers Perch. At Crows Nest, the tracks head west into a tunnel and many miles beyond, the railroad eventually reaches the Western Division.

2. - The "WESTERN DIVISION" (below right) is 158 miles West of Hudson Point. Work continues daily (Jan 2015) and as images are made, they are being published here.

The common theme for both sections is the Life and Times around the Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad. Each section independently lists places, photographs, operations, specifcations etc.

Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad
(The "old" section 1997-2007)
Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad
(The NEW section (2015 updates)


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