Clifton and Seven Falls
(Western Division)

The area of East River, Seven Falls and Clifton
Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad Western Division

Looking North in Clifton from a highway bridge that crosses yard leads. Below the bridge is Clifton Lumber Co. which is served by its own siding. Across the bridge at the foot of the hill is Nedley's Bike store. Farther up the hill, past Boyd's Chicken is a roadside recreational park, the Log Cabin Inn and a good place to buy cheap tires. Farther up the spur past the lumber yard, is Seven Falls Equipment Co. and the Madsen Mineral Mine. The road where several miners have their homes is designated part of Route 7 East. A photo was made there on wash day. In the upper right corner is East River where there is a REA site, radio station and gas.

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