Hudson Point
View is West

In the distance is Jumpers Perch
Arcadia is a distant left.

This is Hudson Point, the location of the main yard and the place from which the railroad takes its name. This photograph was taken at the Eastern most point of the railroad. To the left is the edge of the transfer bridge where cars are loaded onto floats for the water crossing to Hawthorne.  Also at left, beyond the bulk fuel tank,  is Riverside Inlet and the Marina. The Yard is where arriving freight trains are separated into "locals," outbound cars are made into trains, and most of the maintenance is done on the equipment.  At the far end of this yard are the maintenance facilities.  That area is divided from the rest of the yard by the Zane Highway overpass.   Passengers require more amenities than freight so  the Hudson Point and Hawthorne has its "flagship" passenger station and hotel here at "the Point."  The station to the right and out of this picture.       

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