Scenic Overlay - Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad  

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This plan shows scenery over track and the angles of main views shown in photos on this web.  
The scenery is live overhead  imaging  from a "spy" satellite.  ;-)   Scenic began in Crows Nest and
I worked my way "East" to Hudson Point. The yard was completed in 2003 and as 2004 begins I am working on "The City." 
The city is built in a "canyon." Viewed from the water front, there is a mirror on each side and skyscrapers in the back.  I've positioned the mirrors so it is impossible to see one's self in them. They make the city seem very wide and deep.  I did the "mirror" trick (successfully I'm told) at the E.K. Gagg Block Co. I'm hoping to repeat the illusion in the city. Time will tell.

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