Click for larger view/Use Back buttonahelwell.jpg (41639 bytes) Arnie Hall's Belfast and Vinehaven Railroad Co. appeared in Model Railroader in June of '94 as a logging railroad. Since then Arnie has made a few "minor" changes (like cutting the layout into pieces and dragging them around the basement!) Of course he did fill in the "gaps" with some World Class modeling.  ahrs1.jpg (67519 bytes)
RS-1 Power on the Belfast & Vinehaven Railroad

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Arnie modeled this hobby shop and named it for his friend, Dick Elwell. Every good hobby shop must have an operating model railroad in the front window and this one does! The building is HO Scale, no telling what scale is in the window! Once primarily a logging railroad, The Belfast and Vinehaven has now expanded to include scenic waterfronts, beaches, and a small town that includes a very active town square.  Arnie is a master of detail. Most of his structures include interior detailing. His picnic tables have individual food items and condiments. If I had better vision, I would not be surprised to fine HO Scale ants!
Arnie Hall welcomed a crowd of modelers to his home in February 2000 and  allowed me to take these photographs.  This required a lot of "leaning in" and "hands on" the layout. He didn't flinch once, a remarkable feat for someone who models in detail this magnificent! Thank you Arnie. I'd like to come back again sometime. I know I didn't see it all on the first try!

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