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The Belfast and Vinehaven 
is up in timber country.  
What a view from their Yard. 

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The picnic table by L. Campbell Master Cabinetmaker gets a lot of use. By the look of it there's 
a real feast on the table.
Along side, even Fido
gets a tidbit. 

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What's the Army doing up in
these woods? They must have
 had a report to check out.  
Click here to see what 
they're looking for. 

The mountain above is covered
 with about two thousand trees
 each made by Arnie. 

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There's no place like home.
NICE Scene!

To say Arnie does interior
 detailing is an understatement. 
Look at the upstairs windows. 
Yes their are curtains, of course. There is also a vase with flowers
 in each window.


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Even with construction above, business continues as 
a Pacific Fruit Express is unloaded.

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Below is part of the original
logging layout that was seen in 
Model Railroader Magazine.

ahlake1.jpg (54947 bytes) Arnie mastered forced
 perspective and animation in
this scene.  There is a mist on
the water and you can hear the
loons a half mile away at the
back of this lake.  This scene
has to be seen in person to be
fully appreciated. 
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Their is a lot of waterfront 
action around the Belfast and Vinehaven. Norm's Landing is a prime example. 

Arnie Hall is an avid 
vehicle modeler. This is only
 one example. All vehicles
 have drivers and every detail
 you would expect 
on the real thing. 

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The center link takes you to photographs of the Belfast and Vinehaven Railroad Co.

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