Special Features of the 
WESTERN DIVISION of the Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad:
The Western Division layout
at a glance:

Name of Railroad:
Hudson Point & Hawthorne RR Westen Division

Scale: HO (1:87)

Size: 12 x 12 feet (2014)

Prototype: Freelance

Locale: Mountainous inlands of Northeastern United States

Period: September, 1956

Layout style: linear walkaround

Layout height: 46" to 58"

Benchwork: open grid

Roadbed: Homasote over pine splines

Track: Code 83 flextrack

Turnouts: All no. 6 except wyes.

Minimum curve radius: 24" on main. 18" sidings

Maximum grade: 4 percent

Scenery construction: plaster over cardboard webbing

Control: Radio (wireless) NCE DCC


    The Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad Western Division is designed for "continuous running" with "East/West and local Operations." Trains arrive in the mountainous Western Division from Hudson Point which is at the waterfront, 158 miles East. Between Hudson Point and the Western Division are interchanges with other railroads.

Currently, only a few of the towns have been named. A small railroad yard at (TBD) is the arrival/departure area for this region. At this yard, local trains are made up to serve the local communities of Seven Falls, Clifton, TBD, the quarry at TBD, and the branch line to High Point.

The predominate feature of the Seven Falls area is the Madsen Mineral mine. We're not really sure what kind of ore comes from this mine but it must be valuable because they keep sending hoppers west to be filled up and returned to Hudson Point. The demand for this stuff is so strong that a fleet of trucks also carries a lot of it out by highway. Seven Falls Equipment company also resides here. The volume of infrastructure development as well as active agriculture make for a high demand for this equipment. They do not have their own siding, but the lead into the Clifton Lumber yard serves as a team track. Clifton Lumber gets daily deliveries from the mills at High Point via a branch line.

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