Jumpers Perch

View is North
Arcadia is to the left (West)
Hudson Point is to the Right (East)

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Crime on Second Street Third St. Second St. First St. Trailer Homes Four Mile Bridge Jeanne's Birdcage Factory Passenger Station Clothing Factory View from HPH Engine House

The village of Jumpers Perch takes its name from the high peak at center.  Today you will find a young woman on the perch and a young man running to her side. As a name, Jumpers Perch fits. Nobody ever named a town "Lover's Leap."  The Hudson Point & Hawthorne's main lines pass through here between Arcadia and the Hudson Point Yard and Station.  Both track cross a stone arched bridge.  Because it is close to the yard, many railroad workers call this home.  First Street crosses the arched concrete bridge.  At the east end a tunnel takes the road to Hudson Point.  At the Western end the tunnel heads out beyond Arcadia. Above that is Second Street with its small commercial area at the intersection with Four Mile Bridge. Higher up the mountain is the Third Street residential area.  In the foreground the Northern Branch line Crosses a smaller stone bridge and a industrial spur crosses a plate bridge. A few residential trailers are between these tracks just above the river. There are many links in the photo  that take you to close up photos.  Hover your mouse on the picture to see links.

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