Special Features of the 
Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad:
  • CONTINUOUS RUNNING MAINLINE (using hidden loop at each end)
  • POINT TO POINT OPERATION (Trains use hidden staging and a large stub end yard)
The layout
at a glance:

Name of Railroad:
Hudson Point & Hawthorne RR

Scale: HO (1:87)

Size: 21 x 35 feet

Prototype: Freelance

Locale: The city,
Eastern Seaboard United States

Period: September, 1956

Layout style: linear walkaround

Layout height: 46" to 58"

Benchwork: open grid

Roadbed: Homasote over pine splines

Track: Code 83 flextrack

Turnouts: All no. 6 except wyes.

Minimum curve radius: 24" on main. 18" sidings

Maximum grade: 4 percent

Scenery construction: plaster over cardboard webbing

Control: Radio (wireless) DCC


    The Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad is designed for "Point to Point" Operation with optional "continuous running." Hudson Point Yard represents the Eastern terminus of the railroad. Trains arrive here from other points of the compass bearing goods for the City of Hawthorne. Goods leaving Hawthorne head out for points West, North and South. These trains depart the yard near Jumpers Perch heading Westbound. You can follow the double mainline through Arcadia, past Prospect and Friendship Heights. At Crows Nest, the double mainline enters a tunnel under a mountain range. Trains Westbound emerge from under the mountains near Blessing and continue on to Lourdes where they again cut through a large mountain range to points farther West.

The track plan shows track in light blue beyond Lourdes. This color indicates that this is a hidden loop and staging yard. Trains "out west" are staged here. The outer loop remains a mainline for through running of trains. Trains emerging from the Tunnel near Lourdes are Eastbound. They continue along the main line until they reach Arcadia. Just East of Arcadia, the Derry Branch line heads into the mountains, up to the stone quarry at Derry.

At Arcadia, trains may continue Eastbound into Hudson Point Yards or take the Northern Branch Line. The light blue track heading "Northbound" is also a hidden loop and staging yard. Trains emerge from the hidden loop on a "Southbound" track at Jumpers Perch where the line rejoins the mainline now heading West. The Northern Branch Line also has a secondary branch line shown in light blue that heads into a stub end yard (workshop and rip track). This is where REAL repairs are made to the trains.

    NONE of the light blue track below the City of Hawthorne connects to the black (visible) track above, in the city. The ONLY access by rail to the City of Hawthorne is via floats and barges at the waterfronts. All of the track within the City of Hawthorne is a separately operated railroad. The city railroad is largely a switching operation. Real estate on the city side is at a premium so the yard is small. It takes very sharp railroaders to keep traffic flowing in the city! A real challenge for operations.

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