Howard Zane's magnificent model railroad has been featured in several popular model railroad magazines and can be seen in two volumes of Allen Keller's Great Model Railroad series.

Since publication and initial taping, Howard has tripled the size of the railroad. Part of the new section appears in the second video volume before most of the "detailing" was completed. The first photographs of this new section were mostly close up shots (click here) and were made by Fred Eisen.

Some comments were received after the photographs were posted asking for some "wider" shots for an overall view of the layout. (click here). Those photos have been added now. (There are also a few more close ups so you can appreciate the modeling.)

Photos by Fred Eisen and Ken Spranza. © 1999. Photo editing & website by Ken Spranza, with thanks to Mike Trubow for Photoshop 5.0 assistance. (AND, Thanks to Howard Zane for building the railroad!)

Welcome to Howard Zane's Piermont Division
of the Western Maryland Railroad.