Western Maryland RR Station
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
1:87 scale by Ken Spranza

Specializing in Historic Structures and other prototype architecture
You can have a custom scale model created from your blueprints, drawings or photos. These structures are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless.  What would you like?

Your Structure built from Plans or Photos

Historic structures make popular models because they are familiar and are usually well documented photographically. However, virtually any structure, real or imagined, past, present, or future can be produced as a scale model.  Models built by Ken Spranza are usually built in 1:87 or 1:48 scale but other scales will be considered based on your needs.

Sorry but new commissions are not being accepted at this time.
Updated January 2015

Ken also recommends fellow modeler Howard Zane for structures in the West Virginia style of architecture, typical of 1820's to 1920's. Howard's structures can be seen at  Zane Structures.

About the Model Builder...

Ken Spranza has been scratch building structures for over forty years.  His  designs range from one room shacks to multi-story mansions. They include both free lance design and the historically accurate. His structures are on public display in commercial and historical venues as well as on privately owned model railroads.  Photographs of Ken's scale models and his Hudson Point & Hawthorne railroad have been published in a nationally known magazine.  Ken also produces a line of model railroading detail parts sold wholesale to dealers under the name, Authentic HO.  Ken is a staff member of the Great Scale Model Train Show and assists Howard Zane in the expansion of his Piermont Division of the Western Maryland, a railroad featured in several publications and videos.   
Ken's HO scale layout, the Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad, can be seen in the
Layouts Section of the horailroad.com website.

A small sample of models built by Ken Spranza

kendall290black.jpg (288007 bytes)

Ken Spranza holding Bidwell Mansion (1:87 scale)

Kendall Hall (1:87 scale)

Models above built for Layouts by CARDIFF and are on permanent display in the Holiday Inn, Chico California.

figoli.jpg (83326 bytes) so_mansion_whole-g.jpg (102532 bytes)

Above: Fruit Wholesaler - Trackside business (1:87 scale)

Above:  Southern Mansion (1:48 scale)

gettysburg-wm-rrhistorical.jpg (72780 bytes)

Trackside Stone Utility Building (1:87 scale)

Western Maryland Station at Gettysburg. (1:87)
This model to appear on Western Maryland Railroad Historical Society scale model railroad.

Holy Trinity Church - Ligonier Pennsylvania

1holytrinity-ligonier_front1.jpg (94835 bytes)

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