bike shop At the last web update Hinebaugh Junction was being test fit in the (unneeded) doorway that joins this room to the adjacent room.

Hinbaugh Junction scenery is as complete as it is going to be.

Also completed is Clemons at the end of the aisle and to the right some of Ringer Hills and Davis Landing is scenic'ed.

The main line as shown in the "work in Progress" photo of 2015 looped around this room. Now, at Hinbaugh Junction it goes in/out of the adjacent room.
Beyond Hinebaugh Junction, in another room, is a yard and lots of staging. Some scenery is done in there too. This is the yard at Hawthorne.

As of November 2017 work has stopped on the Western Division.
The Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad is moving to a new house in 2018.

The Hudson Point layout (1997-2007) has long been dismantled.
The Western Division layout (2013-2017) will be dismantled soon.
The Central Division layout (2018- ????) will have over 1200 square feet of unobstructed basement. Watch this space!

This is the Western Division of the Hudson Point and Hawthorne Railroad.  

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