First in a series of OnLine Clinics
FAST CHIMNEYS - Finish your roof tops

Brick, Stone, or Block, chimney's are one of the finishing touches that make rooftops look realistic. Our Online clinic shows you how to knock out about a dozen at a time.  The clinic is a series of 37 photographs including step by step instructions and description of all the materials you will need.

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Third in a series of OnLine Clinics
Junk Yard Cars
Need lots of cars for that Auto Recycling operation on your railroad? Here's an inexpensive way to fill a few acres with junk.  Click for Junk Yard Cars

Second in a series of OnLine Clinics
STRUCTURES - Foamcore/Veneer method
The Foamcore/Veneer  method allows separation of  structural strength and outward appearance. Foamcore supplements the variety of traditional materials used for scale model structure building.

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Instant Clinic.
Cinderblock pallets. The cinder blocks shown here are from the HP&H layout. You can Click here then Print the page to make your own. Commercially available loading skids are available and optional. 

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